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Marketing Packages B2B & B2C
Holidays ! Relaxation and Refreshment of Body and Mind
Growing urbanization, pressures, pushes and pulls of modern life. To overcome these, one necessitates rest and relaxation, undergoing enlivenment of mind and body every so often. Tourism, thus, becomes instrumental in breathing new life or rejuvenating an individual’s moral.
Marketing of packages requires various expansive tools but MNM would focus on B2C and B2B marketing in budget friendly activities. Meeting potential travelers and provide information on the spot. No question is left unanswered.
Promoting at Corporate Houses
Fine Dining Restaurants
Golf Clubs
Travel agencies for Presentations
Suggesting Agents for Selling Packages
IT & Business Hubs
RWA (Resident Welfare Associations of Upper Middle Sections)
Reputed Advertising Agencies
Prominent Malls
Coffee Shops
Required Material
Brochures/giveaway with details: Making the tour to meet the exact needs of the potential travelers.
Through on the spot presentation: Holiday Packages, MICE and Adventure, Events, Sports, Carnivals etc. International sports or mega events, special festivals and celebrations make up an outstanding pull.
The visibility of the destination will be increased by Road Shows, Mobile Van with vehicle graphics, Backdrop, Hostesses, Interactive Display and Feedback/Inquiries.
Preferred Indian Travelers’ Segments
Curiosity and Culture
People are motivated by curiosity about other people, countries and their culture i.e., an urge to seek new experiences (Cultural Tourism). “The increased interest shown by many in art, architecture, music, literature, dance, folklore, sports and pastimes of other people’s culture or in archaeological or historical remains and monuments is but another aspect of curiosity, which has been stimulated by more education”.
Interpersonal Reasons
The category of interpersonal motivations is linked to people’s desire to visit their relatives, friends, families and ancestral homelands (Ethnic Tourism) or to meet new people and seek new alliances.
Spiritual Purposes
Large sections of people in different parts of the world are also motivated to travel as a result of spiritual motives that is, visiting shrines, holy places and making pilgrimages to the sacred religious sites (Pilgrimage Tourism and Spiritual Tourism). The motivation is indicative of a way to discover oneself and may represent an irresistible act of faith, or an interest in the holy places.
Professional or Business Reasons
Professional and business concerns also prove to be a strong motivation for many to travel (Business Tourism), often combining both the business activities and pleasure. On the whole, the basic motive for such a travel is personal development, enhancement of standing and status, and setting up and strengthening of contacts.
Conventions, conferences and professional/business meetings allure people from their respective lines of work and walks of life right forum to interact and/or transact with each other.
Young audience has great attraction towards exploring adventure activities. IT Hubs in India are dominated by young Indians below 35 years of age. They prefer holidays in groups due to value for money holidays. The packages find less takers without young adventurers interest who are key influencers and decision makers nowadays.
According to a recent article in the Times of India, there is a growing trend among young Indian couples choosing destinations for their honeymoons that their parents and grandparents would never have considered. Today’s newlyweds are adventurous and well-traveled, and are opting to leave the country for romantic getaways in greater numbers than ever before.
Please note that most of the activities are paid due to rentals/engaging, professional fee, permissions/approvals, structures and literature. But response oriented.

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