Why engage MNM Tourism Marketing?

  • At MNM Tourism Marketing, overseas tourism has a different perspective and different meaning. Tourism doesn’t mean promoting only First world tourism in India. We have a different take. Our endeavors are directed at promoting Eastern European, African, South American, and Oceania tourism in India to increase tourism revenue in your country. All our action plans are specially created to develop these markets.
  • India based tourism marketing company promotes unexplored destinations in India. Percentage of Indians traveling overseas is growing year after year. Decide your share now!
  • If you wish to promote your services in India which has more than 16.9 million overseas travelers annually then you should start planning now. And they are continuously increasing as you read.
  • We can suggest services to target Indian market segments in a tailor-made fashion within your budget.
  • For MNM Tourism Marketing, promoting Hungary and the Visegrad Four countries as a whole is of special interest. We are already promoting the region extensively in our website mnmtourism.com
  • Our services are wide ranging both on-line and on-ground. They include managing annual co-operative marketing budgets, implementing travel agent training, specialist and reward programs, trade and consumer advertising campaigns, hosting industry workshops and events, supplying brochures and point of sale materials, coordinating sales missions. Whatever you need, we can do it.
  • We can promote your Hotels, Resorts, Wildlife, Culture, Adventure, Health and Weddings, Honeymoons, Seminars Conferences, Trade expos, Adventure activities, Art & crafts, Festivals, Cuisine, Cruises, Luxury travel, Photography & Film locations in India and beyond.
  • You will be delighted to know that behind every tourism & marketing plan we have engaged highly qualified professionals who have been part of our organisation for years.
  • Over a period of time they have accumulated enough experience in travel industry to deliver what is required on the basis of your objectives. Since India is huge in terms of length & breadth therefore one specific media tool is not effective for all market segments. In all quarters there is expertise required to bring out desired results.
  • Socio-economically and culturally Indians are different so their reading and media consumption are also diverse. Our experts first of all understand the brief and then focus on requirements followed by deliverable.
  • Selecting media, creative adaptation as per Indian taste & feel, plan social and other media messages through reach & penetration, understanding TA for targeting right message.
  • Our strategists will understand audience through research or dip stick surveys etc till we deliver what is required to increase your visibility.
  • MNM Tourism Marketing puts its relevant experience & professionals qualifications to make sure you become a sought-after destination among Indians who travel overseas.